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Afghan student attracted by MU’s unique scholarship

Nasrtullah Hasrat from Afghanistan wanted to be a doctor when he was young. When that didn’t work out, he ended up studying agriculture in his home country, which he didn't particularly enjoy. After two semesters, he decided to change his major to finance and ended up in a field he hadn’t even considered.

But that’s not the end of the story. Although his career began with a failure in the entrance exams, he didn’t let that discourage him. While still at the agricultural college, he enrolled in a two-year English course at a language school because he was attracted to the idea of studying abroad. He also received a recommendation from his college and applied for the Indian government’s scholarship programme, which gave him the unique opportunity to study for a three-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree at a prestigious university in India, from which he graduated with honours.

However, he wanted to do his master’s in Europe and considered Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. “In the end, I chose Masaryk University because of its interesting study programme – it is one of the few universities that lets you study finance, where most universities teach business management and the like. In addition, MU has a good reputation abroad, a very good international rating and offers a scholarship for incoming first-year students to attract talented people to Brno. So it was an obvious choice,” he explains.

He praises his two-year studies at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University and is glad that he ended up in the business and finance sector. Even as a child, he enjoyed mathematics and working with numbers, so he enjoyed challenging projects and working on his thesis. Moreover, he finished his studies at Masaryk University in January with excellent grades and a red diploma for the best students. On top of that, he had almost twenty credits more than he needed to graduate – the faculty had so many interesting courses, he said, that he took more than he needed to in order to get the broadest possible education and knowledge.

Studies in Canada thanks to MU

During his studies he also managed to go to Canada, where he spent a semester at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island. "I am very grateful that Masaryk University chose me for the internship. A lot of students from MU applied, so there was a lot of competition. It was great to live by the sea for four months, meet students from all over the world and attend interesting courses focusing on marketing and international business. It was also my first time on the American continent, which was very special for me. I've only visited countries in the Middle East and I haven't had time to visit more countries in Europe than the Czech Republic, so Canada was something completely new for me.

After passing his final exams and graduating with a Master’s degree, Nasrtullah returned to Afghanistan, where he plans to take a year off to rest after years of hard study. But he is already thinking about doing a PhD. “In the future I would like to work as a teacher at a university, so in the next few months I will be looking for a university to join as a PhD student. I’m tempted by Canada, for example, and I’ll see if I can find some interesting scholarship offers again. I’ll see where the future takes me. Maybe one day I will return to Masaryk University as a guest lecturer.