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The university will be without contact teaching until at least mid-May

Today, the rector of Masaryk University Martin Bareš has decided to extend the measures that were taken in order to prevent the spreading of coronavirus.

This afternoon, the Rector of Masaryk University, Martin Bareš decided to extend the measures that were taken in order to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. The measure cancelling all contact teaching at Masaryk University is now extended until 15 May. It is also planned to extend the examination period until the end of September to allow students to have enough time for consultation and preparation for examinations.

“We do our best to make sure that all students' rights are respected. We do everything we can to prevent students from missing the semester, to allow them to submit their seminar or final theses, or to take examinations including state exams in due dates, or to postpone deadlines where necessary due to restrictions," said Rector Martin Bareš. He says these measures must correspond to the situation at individual faculties.

The dates of exams and the final state exams depend on the individual study programmes and they are therefore decided by the deans or guarantors of the relevant courses. The Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Social Studies of MU are already expecting to increase the number of final state exam dates. In addition to spring term dates, these faculties will also offer autumn dates and students will be able to choose. The exception is at the Faculty of Medicine of MU, where the primary goal is to manage the final examinations in the original terms so that new graduates can enter into practice as soon as possible and thus help overloaded health care system. Please look for emails from your faculty regarding more specific details.

All buildings and other premises of Masaryk University will remain inaccessible to students and the public until 15 May. Buildings will be accessible to employees. The restriction does not apply to research and development activities. Doctoral students and other students may participate in activities related to research and development if they are in an employment relationship at MUNI. Where is it possible, home office for employees is ordered.

All teaching takes place in a distance form, through e-learning and other non-contact forms of communication. Due to the closure of libraries, the university has made available to 15,000 publications (incl. 2,500 in English), which students can access using the so-called e-Prezenčka at the link Dormitories and some canteens remain in operation, but they are accessible only to MU students and staff.

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