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Contact teaching is still cancelled. Students may enter the MUNI buildings individually

Regarding the newest government decision and a Rector’s new emergency measure effective from Monday 27 April, all students may access Masaryk University buildings for individual forms of fulfilling study obligations.

However, there is a condition of maximum of five people present at the same time.  Each student must also confirm the electronic declaration of the absence of symptoms of viral infectious diseases in Information System.

The cancellation of contact teaching still applies until 15 May, followed by an examination period that is prolonged until 30 September. Where possible, faculties are to teach in distance mode.

Government Resolution No. 443 now allows foreign students from EU countries and Czech visa holders cross the land border into the Czech Republic. Students should only need an electronic Confirmation of Study to cross the border which can be downloaded in Information System and printed out for border control purposes. Upon your arrival, it is necessary to prove a negative test for Covid-19 no older than four days (you can use this template) or go to a 14-day quarantine. This order applies to International students and employees of MU.

Only students who have electronically confirmed the declaration of the absence of symptoms of viral infectious disease may enter the MU buildings. However, there are exceptions in the dormitories for students who come from abroad and will not manage to make Covid-19 test before arrival and, therefore, will have to go into a quarantine - dormitories will accommodate these students. However, they will not be able to attend classes or examinations at the time of the ordered quarantine.

From now on, it is possible to go for domestic and foreign business trips and study placements. It is the responsibility of the superior employee to decide on necessity of the trip, the technical possibilities of its implementation and possible risks regarding to the possibility of a rapid change of measures in the destination country or in the Czech Republic and the subsequent need for repatriation. The MU Crisis Board recommends no domestic business trips for employees, with exception of necessary cases. MU Crisis Board recommends sending employees on business trips abroad only if it is necessary and if an unfulfilled trip would endanger an important interest.

MUNI students are advised to complete their studies at universities abroad primarily in distance mode and to travel abroad only in absolutely necessary cases, e.g. if travelling back to the universities is a fundamental condition for the successful completion of the study placement.

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Please pay close attention to the two updated documents below: