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Loosening measures at MUNI: Updated rules apply from 11 May

With the loosening of measures at the government level comes the gradual loosening of measures at Masaryk University.

The ban on mass contact teaching remains valid until 15 May, but examinations or consultations are permissible in the presence of a maximum of 15 students. To enter buildings, it is necessary to confirm possession of a declaration of the absence of symptoms of viral infectious diseases

From 18 May, the examination period will run until the end of September, and the MU Crisis Staff recommendation, where possible to hold the maximum number of examinations, including final state examinations, in distance form, also applies. Rector Martin Bareš gave an explanation for this in his commentary, Predictions for further development at MUNI after 15 May, some time ago.

The MU Crisis Board no longer places any restrictions on domestic business trips, the operation of laboratories, the presence of employees at the workplace, the operation of buildings or the operation of dormitories and canteens. However, it is still recommended to travel abroad only when necessary. You can gradually find other restrictions lifted on the websites of your faculties or other workplaces. Academic ceremonies for up to 100 people are also newly permitted, with the observing of hygiene measures.

After the State of Emergency ends, i.e., from 18 May, remote access to the e-prezenčka application, which provides access to the most used publications from the MUNI libraries, will no longer be available. Where libraries remain closed to students, they will be ready to run their operations in limited mode from 18 May. By June 1, the operation of libraries and study rooms will be fully resumed. Computer study rooms, including CPS, will remain closed for now.

Take a look at the Rector's emergency measures effective from 11 May. Please find details on individual topics, including the conditions under which international students and staff can enter the Czech Republic, in the relevant sections of the website under information for students and employees.