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Masaryk University traffic-light system will turn yellow on Monday

The higher level of risk means that the university is closed to the public.

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, the Crisis Board of Masaryk University decided that the university traffic-light system would turn yellow starting Monday, 21 September. From Monday, the public is forbidden to enter all MU buildings and all in-person teaching for more than 50 people will be only in online mode.

The announcement of current risk alert is always visibly placed at the entrances to the buildings and at other places inside the buildings. The information is also continuously updated at the Masaryk University website and the faculties' websites. Deans of individual MU faculty or the heads of departments may declare a higher alert level than the university-wide level due to the increased incidence of the disease in the building.

The university began working on the traffic-light system and procedure for announcing a new colour before the summer holidays, i. e. the use of risk levels, which was applied from 2 September.

The yellow level of risk also recommends closing computer study rooms and indoor sports grounds. Additionally, it recommends ordering home office to employees or ensuring their rotation at the workplaces. It is also recommended to limit the number of people in the laboratories and all trainings can only take place online.

As of Friday 18 September, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic has also ordered that all university students must wear facemasks in the common areas of universities and during in-person classes.