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Two new vice-rectors to join MU leadership

Rector Martin Bareš has presented two new MU leaders, Martin Kvizda and Simona Koryčánková, to the Academic Senate.

Two new vice-rectors: Simona Koryčánková and Martin Kvizda

Rector Martin Bareš presented two new vice-rectors who will contribute to leading the university to the MU Academic Senate. He began making changes in the vice-rector team on 30 September, when Vladimír Žítek, vice-rector for development, and Hana Svatoňová, vice-rector for student and alumni affairs, resigned. Her role will be taken over by the interim vice-dean of the Faculty of Education, Simona Koryčánková. The rector has appointed current vice-dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Martin Kvizda, new vice-rector for public relations and lifelong learning.

Most of Žítek’s responsibilities as vice-rector for development will be taken over by the current vice-rector for legal and policy affairs, information technologies and corporate relations, Radim Polčák, whose responsibilities will now include managing strategic and development projects. Polčák will no longer be in charge of corporate relations, as that task will go to Kvizda, the new vice-rector for public relations.

“I would like to thank both outgoing vice-rectors for their contributions to dealing with the unprecedented situation we found ourselves in in the spring, when we were forced to bring all university operations online practically overnight”, says Rector Bareš. Both are returning to their home faculties after demanding tenures as university leaders.

The newly appointed vice-rectors have a great task in front of them: bettering the university at a time when strict measures are in place to fight the spread of COVID-19. “An important question will continue to be how to handle academic failure, which as courses move online will be affected by new factors, such as students’ volunteer activities and non-standard internships”, notes Koryčánková. “Another important issue, especially today, is finding new ways to help university graduates enter the workforce”, the vice-dean added.

Kvizda will primarily focus on fostering stronger ties between the university and prominent public and private institutions – companies, universities, and other partners – with a heavy focus on mutually beneficial cooperation with the South Moravian Region and the city of Brno. “The results should be to raise awareness about Masaryk University’s excellence both in the academic community and among the general public, to enhance social responsibility at our university, and to obtain funding from outside the university”, says Kvizda. He adds that one of the ways to achieve all these goals is to develop lifelong learning, which could strengthen graduates’ bonds with the university and stimulate interest in further education in society at large.

The other members of the vice-rector team will maintain their positions: Břetislav Dančák, vice-rector for internationalisation; Michal Bulant, vice-rector for studies and quality; Jiří Hanuš, vice-rector for personnel and academic affairs; and Šárka Pospíšilová, vice-rector for research and doctoral studies. Marián Kišš will continue to serve as executive assistant to the rector and Marta Valešová as bursar.