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Final-year students allowed back to laboratory classes from Wednesday

From 25 November laboratory courses will be permitted for a maximum of 20 people. Each faculty will decide which in-person classes will reopen.

In keeping with the Czech government’s reopening plans, as of Wednesday, 25 November, there will be changes in the possibilities for in-person teaching at universities. At Masaryk University it will be possible to hold laboratory courses, and students enrolled in medical and education study programmes can do internships. Furthermore, final-year students in bachelor’s and master’s programmes will be able to attend laboratory, experimental, and art classes that are limited to a maximum of 20 people. Other students enrolled in such courses intended for final-year students will also be able to attend. From Wednesday, final-year students at the Faculty of Sports Studies will be able to attend indoor sports classes, which are again limited to 20 people.

Now, ten people will be allowed to be in one room for in-person examinations. One-on-one consultation meetings will be permitted as will internships outside of MU. Doctoral students will also be allowed back on campus.

Although the Czech Republic is slowly easing restrictions and on Monday will move from the highest risk level to the fourth risk level, Masaryk University will remain at the red level on the university traffic-light system.

This means that university buildings will still be closed to the public, most students, and most employees. There are currently exceptions for the heads of economic units, facility and laboratory managers, IT administrators, and people who need access to buildings to teach, whether online or in-person, in keeping with the government measures in place.

In-person classes will now be permitted for students of general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other medical programmes enrolled in clinical and practical courses and doing clinical rotations as well as for students affected by the changes to be introduced on 25 November. The heads of each faculty will determine the scope of in-person teaching.

Other courses at MU will continue to be taught online. Libraries will continue to operate in the same way: students and employees will be able to borrow and return books at special windows.

Facemasks must be worn in all MU buildings. Protective gloves must also be worn in some facilities.

Students who will be able to attend classes beginning Wednesday will also be allowed to return to MU dormitories if they have reserved a room.