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Spring semester at MU will be online

The spring semester at Masaryk University will once again be held mostly online.

Exceptions will be granted for fields of study and practical courses permitted by the government. The examination period will last until mid-July.

Because the coronavirus pandemic is not expected to abate soon and online courses have been running smoothly at Masaryk University for two semesters already, the decision has been made to hold classes online in the spring 2021 semester. There are exceptions for government-designated fields of study and for practical and clinical courses. The matter was discussed by the Emergency Committee and the MU Crisis Board.

Masaryk University has put no restrictions on foreign students coming to study in Brno in the spring 2021 semester. To enter the Czech Republic most foreigners must present a negative COVID-19 test or can be tested after arriving in the Czech Republic.

The spring semester begins 1 March and ends 30 May. The exam period will last from 31 May to 11 July 2021. Each faculty may decide at its own discretion to extend the exam period.

The beginning of the 2021/2022 autumn semester will not be postponed and will begin in mid-September as usual.

The MU Crisis Board calls upon all academic staff, students, and employees not to underestimate the potential of COVID-19 and to carefully consider whether in-person testing is necessary and to take full advantage of the possibilities for administering examinations online.