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Masaryk University supports vaccination for a faster return to normal

Masaryk University is currently prepared to assist the government and public authorities in implementing their strategy to vaccinate the public against the novel coronavirus.

The university is proactively discussing possibilities for helping with the organisation and logistics of vaccination. It offers university premises and technical equipment, as well as the support of its volunteers and the Volunteer Centre. The university wishes to uphold its social responsibility by helping members of the public get vaccinated as soon as possible.

“At this point, we wish to clearly declare to the government that we are prepared to fully co-operate in the public vaccination campaign. Our students and all university staff members are gravely concerned about the continuing spread of Covid-19 in the country. In the coming weeks and months, we will do our best to help bring about a return to normal life and face-to-face education,” says Martin Bareš, rector of Masaryk University.

The volunteer centre has already started helping on all levels – in healthcare, education, research and also in social and legal areas. Over two thousand volunteers from among students, MU staff and the general public have made their contributions. The “MUNI HELPS” app has been downloaded by over four thousand people who have volunteered to help others.

In order to speed up vaccination, Masaryk University wants to co-operate with Brno authorities, the South Moravian Region and NGOs that will be involved in the vaccination campaign.

Considering that Masaryk University and other Czech higher education institutions are an integral and crucial part of the Czech education system and that they have operated online essentially since the spring of 2020 (with some combinations of face-to-face and online teaching), the management of Masaryk University has a strong interest in allowing students and teachers to return back to the lecture halls. The university’s administration led by rector Martin Bareš acknowledges the importance of vaccination and will urge all MU students, staff and the general public to consider getting vaccinated in order to enable society’s return to normal.