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MU still at red light rating, management calls for strict adherence to restrictions

A government ban on foreign visitors to the country has been in place since 30 January. This does not apply to students and workers.

From Saturday 30 January, national restrictions designed to curb the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic have been tightened. Masaryk University remains at the RED LIGHT rating of its pandemic traffic-light system. The University’s management recommends to strictly adhere to all rules designed to prevent the spread of the disease on academic ground. Specifically, it urges people to work from home where possible or at least ensure the rotation of employees at the workplace. The recommendation to conduct most learning and examinations online also continues to apply.

“I implore each and every one of us to be responsible. We should carefully consider whether we really need to deal with work-related matters in person. A number of online tools are available and they are used by the MU Crisis Board and Emergency Committee for managing the University’s operations during the crisis and for annual evaluations of the individual faculties. Personal affairs should be considered just as carefully as work-related matters. The sacrifices we make now will make it possible to return to normal life sooner,” says MU Rector Martin Bareš.

Masaryk University thus continues to operate in accordance with the currently applicable resolution of the Czech Government of 7 January 2021, which prohibits face-to-face learning and examinations of more than 10 students at a time in higher education institutions and lifelong learning courses. The ban on physical presence of students does not apply to clinical and practical classes and student placements in the programmes of General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and other medical study programmes; it also does not apply to students teaching practical pedagogical classes and students on placements in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and in school-type institutional and protective care facilities. Individual consultations are also allowed.

The Government has banned the entry of foreigners into the Czech Republic, with the exception of students and workers

As of Saturday, 30 January, new measures are in force in the Czech Republic. The Government of the Czech Republic prohibits the stay of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic if they arrive in the Czech Republic for reasons other than commuting to work, work-related purposes, education (including internships and examinations), visits to family and relatives, trips to medical and social services facilities etc. A list of all exceptions can be found here (in Czech only).

A foreign student who is studying at Masaryk University or will start studying in the spring semester of 2021 can enter and reside in the Czech Republic for educational purposes without any restrictions. Please print the Letter of Acceptance or Confirmation of Studies and present it at the borders.

Student dormitories do accept students if necessary

The Czech Republic has imposed stricter rules for commercial accommodations in hotels and other hospitality facilities. People may now be accommodated only for work-related purposes. This means students may have trouble finding accommodations when they need to visit MU for an examination. In these unavoidable cases, they may get accommodations for that purpose in MU student dormitories.

“Students who need short term accommodations may use the dormitories in accordance with the applicable measures. In order to secure accommodations, they must generate a ‘confirmation of examination for the purposes of accommodation’ using the MU Information System,” said Kateřina Kvítková, head of the legal department at MU Rector’s Office.

Kamil Kulíšek, director of MU Accommodation and Catering Services, added that students must book their stay in the dormitories for the given date in advance. People interested in an overnight stay should send their requests to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. where they will learn whether and where they will be able to stay.

Foreign students who study at MU or will commence studies in the spring semester may continue using long-term accommodations in MU dormitories. The accommodation ban only applies to Czech students with a permanent address in the Czech Republic, with the exception of those participating in face-to-face classes.

Certificates for business trips

Getting accommodations is now more difficult also for MU employees on business trips around the Czech Republic. These employees will newly require a written certificate issued by their employer that they need accommodations for a business-trip purpose. Within Czechia, this purpose must be certified prior to checking in and hospitality services will require to see the certificate.

MU employees may use a travel order printed out using INET as this certificate. Under the RED LIGHT rating, travel orders are approved by heads of the relevant economic units, who are responsible for evaluating the necessity of the business trip, including the need for accommodations.