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Masaryk University has a new strategic plan for the next eight years

In December, MU Board of Trustees approved the university’s strategic plan for the 2021–2028 period.

The strategic plan lays out the direction for Masaryk University and its priorities and objectives. The strategic plan was approved by the Academic Senate on 7 December 2020 and by the Board of Trustees on 14 December. In contrast to the previous five-year strategic plan, the current document outlines the university’s strategy for an eight-year period (2021–2028) and contains, besides individual indicators, also specific objectives that the university aims to pursue. The university’s strategic plan serves as the basis for the individual MU faculties in preparing their own strategy documents, taking into consideration their specific circumstances in the framework of the overall university strategy.

The strategic plan now contains fewer priority objectives that are designed to fulfil the university’s mission, which is to pursue activities promoting a healthy life for all generations and to contribute to a cohesive and secure society. Aside from emphasising the third role of the university, the new strategy strongly accentuates internationalisation, which is newly not outlined in a separate chapter, but permeates all other areas of the plan.

For the first time, the university’s strategy contains a common graduate profile, which defines the key competencies MU graduates should have when they complete their education. Aside from a broader scope of knowledge going beyond their main field of study, they should be reasonably fluent in at least two major languages and have spent at least a part of their studies abroad. MU graduates should also be interested in what is going on in society, understand its problems and actively search for their solutions.

The strategic plan also deals with the areas of teaching and education, research and doctoral studies, organisational culture and the university’s position in society, personnel management and IT development, as well as institutional administration. The plan will now be submitted to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. The strategy will then be further elaborated by annual implementation plans, which will specify the activities and tasks for each year.