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MU pursues priority vaccination of all teacher groups

Masaryk University has contacted the Ministry of Health and requested that university lecturers be included in priority groups for vaccination.

Vaccination centre at the BVV Trade Fairs in Brno.

Martin Bareš, the rector of Masaryk University, petitioned the Czech Ministry of Health to request that university lecturers receive vaccines at the same time as secondary and primary school teachers. Masaryk University has pursued this change in the vaccination strategy for some time and is now preparing its own vaccination register through a questionnaire survey.

“All levels of the education system are of the utmost importance for society. Therefore, we want university lecturers to be included in the vaccination strategy in the same way as secondary and primary school teachers,” said Martin Bareš, rector MU, who pushes for including all teachers in the priority group to be registered for vaccination first.

Indeed, the interest in vaccination among MU employees is quite robust. As shown by the survey of the interest in vaccination currently conducted at MU, within 48 hours of the start of the questionnaire survey, 3,200 employees (1,400 of which are lecturers) registered their interest in being vaccinated.

“Within the university, we are able to define priority employee groups according to their age and also to effectively provide for the distribution of reservation codes for registration. We are also able to organise the vaccination itself in cooperation with hospitals and vaccination centres,” added Mr Bareš.