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Compete in a virtual road race between MU and Brno University of Technology

From 3 May, employees and students of Masaryk University will have the opportunity to race their counterparts from Brno University of Technology (BUT).

The University Sport Centre at MU announced a virtual road race between the universities. From 3 May to 6 June, students and employees can register here and then use a free publicly available STRAVA application, where they can record their sporting activities. The winner will be announced on the basis of a comparison of the sum of kilometres ran up by the competitors. The competitor from MU and BUT with the highest score will win. The current results will be regularly updated on the University Sport Centre’s Facebook pages.

Running or walking activities in STRAVA must be recorded in a public mode so that others can see them, otherwise they will not be included in the overall rankings and will not count towards the score. To use the application, you need to sign up, create a profile and ask to join the team named “Běhej za MUNI! Virtuální běžecký souboj univerzit MU vs. VUT” (Run for MUNI: A Virtual Road Race Between MU and BUT).

“The team will only accept students and employees of Masaryk University or BUT who are registered in one of the universities’ information system. In other words, they need an active UČO (personal Id. No.), which will be checked upon registration,” reminds Milan Šipl on behalf of the organisers from the University Sport Centre.

Because the race is virtual, the organisers cannot reliably check for cheating such as sharing one account among multiple people, riding on a bike instead of running and so on. “We trust that students and employees who like to stay physically active even in these difficult times will join the race in good faith,” adds Šipl.

The University Race will publish the total number of kilometres tracked and announce the best competitors in male and female categories from among the students and employees of each university. Two participants from each university will be selected by lot to receive a special prize.