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On 31 May, Masaryk University will move to green

In light of improving COVID-19 trends and the gradual easing of government measures, Masaryk University will also lift restrictions.

On 31 May, MU buildings, with a few exceptions, will open to the public. Visitors, students, and employees will still be required to wear respirators inside. They must also respect all other government measures and internal MU regulations implemented to fight the spread of COVID-19. The MU Crisis Board has decided to move to the green alert level on the university traffic-light system.

Rules for examinations of all types, including entrance exams, other forms of completing courses, internships, large events, academic ceremonies, and enrolment are based on the government measures currently in effect. When present in MU buildings, people must stay at least 1.5 metres away from each other and wear respirators. Classrooms must be well ventilated and windows left open. Most of these activities can be done either online or in person.

Lifelong-learning courses will also be taught in keeping with the government measures currently in effect. For example, classroom capacity is limited to 50 percent. All people present in MU buildings must wear respirators and test negative for COVID-19, unless they are exempt from testing. Rooms must be ventilated.

University of the Third Age classes will continue to be held online only.

To be present at MU facilities for classes, exams, or other reasons, students and employees must have tested negative for COVID-19. People who have received their first vaccination at least 22 days prior are exempt from this requirement. People who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 180 days are also exempt from the testing requirement.

MU recommends employees who are at high risk of severe illness work from home. If more than two people may be present in an office, MU recommends employees work in shifts. In-person meetings are permitted as long as the government measures are respected. MU also supports online and hybrid meetings.

Gyms can open as long as the government measures are respected; other sports facilities may open without any limitations at the discretion of the head of the unit of which the facility is a part. Computer labs, study rooms, and community rooms may open at the discretion of the head of the unit of which they are a part as long as the government measures are respected.

For information about current COVID-19 measures in place in MU buildings, see