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Masaryk University Information System will be enhanced by image and sound

The Information System of Masaryk University, which is used actively by almost 45,000 students and teachers, is to be enhanced by spoken word and video. The university-wide system was launched in March 1999, since which time more than 230,000 people have been registered in the system. Thanks to this unique system Masaryk was the first Czech university to cancel paper application forms and students' record books. In 2004 Masaryk was the first university in the Czech Republic to integrate complete electronic learning support (e-learning) into its system, following this in 2007 with the setting-up of an internet centre for the sale of education services which has an annual turnover of 30 million Czech crowns. An authentic method for detecting plagiarism in student essays and theses was integrated into the Information System in 2006, paving the way for, a unique anti-plagiarism project in which twenty Czech universities have joined forces in the fight against plagiarism.  

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