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Masaryk University now issues electronic diplomas

Masaryk University now starts issuing diplomas in electronic form as another option for graduates to prove their university qualifications in addition to the paper original.

Both documents are identical in terms of content. In practice, this means that after students complete all final examinations, they will receive an e-mail notification that they can download the electronic diploma from the Masaryk University Information System. They will be able to download it immediately and do so again in the future; the document will always have a valid qualified electronic seal.

By issuing electronic diplomas, MU confirms its leading position in digitalisation among Czech and European universities. “Masaryk University is steadily moving forward with digitalisation. The recent pandemic has clearly demonstrated the importance of electronic services. Consequently, we want to make it more convenient for our students to obtain electronic diplomas, which they will be able to download as needed,” said MU Rector Martin Bareš.

An electronic diploma is a document which can be used to prove qualifications in the Czech Republic and abroad. Masaryk University’s active electronic identity thus also enables the students to keep in touch with the university and learn of what is new at MU.