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Rectors to students: “Get vaccinated”

The Czech Rectors Conference calls on students of Czech colleges and universities to get vaccinated against COVID-19 preferably before the start of the academic year. Read the full text of the appeal:

The Czech Rectors Conference calls on university students to get vaccinated

The Czech Rectors Conference has called on all students of Czech colleges and universities to be responsible and get vaccinated. In the Conference’s opinion vaccination is the most effective way to protect the lives and health of all citizens and enable full-scale education in the upcoming semester.

If we want to start the semester in the traditional manner and allow our students to fully engage in their studies, it is necessary to encourage them to get vaccinated. At this moment there might be reasons for optimism as for the development of the pandemic, but we still have to consider the scenario in which the situation will worsen dramatically, as it did last year. We think it is important to have as many students as possible properly vaccinated. It would boost the collective immunity and help prevent the scenario from 2020, which none of us wants.

Czech colleges and universities have waited patiently for the completion of vaccination of the at-risk groups and essential workers (seniors, healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, elementary school and secondary school teachers), so that their faculty and other staff can be vaccinated as well.

The Conference calls on all students, including freshmen, who are not yet vaccinated, to do so without an undue delay prior to the start of the new academic year 2021/2022.

Brno, 6 August 2021

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference
Prof. MUDr. Martin Bareš, Ph.D.