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Two candidates vie to become dean of Faculty of Arts

Two candidates, both from the Department of Classical Studies, are vying to become dean of the Faculty of Arts in 2022–2026. Who will take over the reins from the current dean, Milan Pol, will be decided on 10 January.

Two candidates: Markéta Kulhánková and Irena Radová from the Department of Classical Studies.

The Faculty of Arts will elect a new dean for the 2022–2026 term. Two women are running: Markéta Kulhánková and Irena Radová. One of them will replace Milan Pol, who has been serving as dean since 2014.

Markéta Kulhánková works at the Department of Classical Studies of the Faculty of Arts, where she teaches mainly Byzantine and Modern Greek literature. She also conducts research in the same fields in addition to translating historical texts from the Byzantine period as well as modern literature inspired by that era. She has also spent time at several foreign universities. She is running on a platform she has dubbed “VISION22”. She wants the faculty to produce high-quality, ambitious graduates, to improve the quality of research conducted there, and to promote meaningful internationalization. She would also like to highlight the faculty’s role within the university..

Her opponent is the head of the Department of Classical Studies, Irena Radová. She primarily teaches Ancient Greek and Roman literature. She also leads a university-wide cycle of lectures about classical mythology. She has headed the department since 2004. She also served two terms as the faculty’s vice-dean for admissions and programme development. She has also spent time at several foreign universities. She is running on a platform she calls “A modern faculty open to dialogue”. Her goals include strengthening academic counselling, internationalization, research support, and student activities that benefit society.

Both candidates presented their platforms on Wednesday, 15 December, at a public meeting of the faculty senate. The actual election will be held on Monday, 10 January. The winning candidate will become the second woman to lead the faculty after Jana Nechutová, the dean from 1995 to 1998.