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Masaryk University dresses G. J. Mendel in blue

Mendel’s year at Masaryk University is presented via a new MENDEL 200 logo in the university’s blue colour and other visual elements.

The 200th anniversary of the birth of the founder of genetics will be an annual topic for Masaryk University. The famous scientist will have a new logo and portrait, too.

Various events, conferences and other programme will connect all faculties and institutions with experts and the general public under the motto “What is (not) in our genes?” (in Czech Co (ne)máme v genech?).

To find out more about the round-number anniversary and the events already planned to commemorate the anniversary visit (in Czech only, the English version will be available soon). Information and invitations to events will be updated on a continuous basis throughout the year.

Mendel’s year at Masaryk University is reminded via a blue MENDEL200 logo. Its main feature is a new portrait of the scientist: a pen-and-line drawing by the Hrdina & Pavlík duo of architects. They cooperate with the Mendel Museum and the portrait is expected to be used even after the celebrations. Also featured in the logo is a helix made from the letter M in the university’s blue colour.

Masaryk University actually launched the year of celebrations of Mendel’s birth in November 2021 by publishing the information on the analysis of the scientist’s remains in the Augustinian tomb and presented the first results of an analysis of his DNA.

The first major event of 2022 is the presentation of G. J. Mendel and the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Joining forces with the City of Brno, the South Moravian Region and the Augustinian abbey, Masaryk University prepared an exhibition commemorating Mendel and presenting the city of Brno as the cradle of genetics, as well as Masaryk University and its Mendel Museum as institutions fostering Mendel’s legacy. On 1–15 March the rotation exhibition in the Czech pavilion will host an exhibition titled Mendel Primacy as part of the topical exhibition titled Mystery of Knowledge. Included in the exhibition is a special projection wall known as DNA Fiber Wall imitating DNA fibres and the microcosm. Visitors will have the opportunity to pass through the wall, as a symbolic time travel gateway, to travel back to the period of time when Mendel lived and worked in Brno.

At the end of May Mendel Museum will open a new permanent interactive exhibition Genetika (Genetics). Visitors will have the opportunity to refresh or learn all about the fundamental aspects of genetics and molecular biology. It should also motivate and stir enthusiasm in potential future scientists.

Following the research, on 20–23 July, is the Mendel Genetics Conference 2022 with top researchers in many fields, including animal genetics, ethics, microbiology or biogenetics. The goal of the conference is to provide networking opportunities for MU scientists with these experts. Registration for the conference is up and running.

At the same time, Festival Mendel will take place, offering educational activities, commented tours, popular lectures and extensive cultural programme for the general public, featuring Czech and foreign musical guests.

Between 15 September and 25 September the celebrations will continue with exhibition titled Gregor Johann Mendel neznámý (The Unknown Mendel) at Moravské náměstí; followed, on 2–3 November, by Mendel Days. At the end of the year we will head to Antarctica with Masaryk University scientists. Indeed, the university’s polar station built in 2007 on James Ross Island is named after Mendel.