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Spring semester at Masaryk to start mainly with in-person classes

Teaching at Masaryk University in the spring semester will be governed by the YELLOW setting of the university’s Covid-19 traffic light system and the applicable Government measures.

The spring semester at MU will start on Monday 14 February. The rules for teaching will be governed by the university’s Covid-19 traffic-light system, which remains set to YELLOW, and the applicable Deans measures and Government measures.

This week, Masaryk University has made some slight updates to the yellow traffic-light setting. However, the restricted public access to MU buildings, as well as the mandatory wearing of face masks according to current rules announced by the Government will remain.

Lectures with an attendance of over 150 people will be delivered online or in a hybrid form. For spring semester 2022, the deans of the individual MU faculties can decide whether students are required to follow the O-N-T system (vaccinated, recovered, tested) to attend in-person classes or switch to remote learning should the number of infected/quarantined persons warrant this. This measure is required only by the Faculty of Informatics (until 18 February). Thorough ventilation of classrooms is required before and after class, and it is recommended to keep 1.5 metre distance between persons except for classes where this is not possible. Maximum homogeneity of groups, i.e. limiting the rotation of members, is also recommended for teaching.

The libraries remain closed to the public. The University recommends the use of the e-loan system. The operation of the internal and external university sports facilities is governed by the applicable legislation and the same applies to the canteens. Students living in MU dormitories are still required to be tested, mandatory testing will end on Friday 18 February.

The rules for MU employees in the workplace are governed by the applicable legislation, which currently mandates regular testing of employees; however, this should end on Friday 18 February. For up-to-date information, visit the section for employees on Masaryk University continues to recommend that employees take turns working from home where possible.

Events that are not related to the University’s main activities (i.e., celebrations, ceremonies etc.) will not be held. Events related to Masaryk University’s principal activities, such as conferences, symposia and seminars, may take place with a maximum of 50 people attending, or with up to 75 people attending if they are held outside MU premises. Deans of faculties and heads of MU economic units may decide to impose additional measures (mandatory testing, etc.) for specific events based on the current epidemic situation.

The current measures at MU may change depending on new legislation and developments in the epidemic situation and the number of infected and quarantined persons. If there is no fundamental change in external conditions, Masaryk University will move to green on the traffic-light system on 28 February. For up-to-date information, please check the website and the faculties' websites.