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Giving Day for Ukraine organised at Faculty of Economics and Administration

The Giving Day for Ukraine raised over CZK 70,000.

Giving Day for Ukraine at the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

The Giving Day for Ukraine charity buffet took place on Wednesday 6 April in the foyer of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Economics and Administration. The event raised over CZK 70,000 in funds that Masaryk University is collecting through the MUNI HELPS centre in support of Ukraine.

Dozens of volunteers from among the staff and students of the faculty participated in the organisation of the Giving Day for Ukraine. They prepared small snacks at home, which were then offered for sale to visitors in the main hall of the Faculty of Economics and Administration on Wednesday from 10:00 to 14:30. Anyone who wanted to buy something dropped an amount of their choice into the cash box.

“When we see what is going on at the moment, we try to come up with ways in which we could help, and not just as individuals. That is why we decided to organise a charity buffet, to bring the whole Faculty together and to show our solidarity with Ukraine at least in this manner,” said Marie Hladká, Vice-Dean for Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Administration and also the main organiser of the Giving Day for Ukraine. “I am very pleased that today’s event involved not only members of staff and academics, but also students. We had more than 60 different types of food on offer,” she added.

In the end, the charity buffet raised CZK 35,957. Vice-Dean Marie Hladká contributed CZK 5,957 and the Faculty’s partner company Noark Electric Europe added another CZK 30,000. The Faculty of Economics and Administration will send the total proceeds of CZK 71,914 to the MU financial aid account for educational and humanitarian purposes.

“The Giving Day for Ukraine is just one of our many initiatives to help people in Ukraine. This is the second time we have organised an event like this. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we used the same concept to collect money for non-profit organisations operating in Brno and this is how we know it works. I am very happy that the whole Faculty pulled together and got involved in today’s event,” said Jiří Špalek, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration.


You can still help Ukrainian students and academics by donating money through Masaryk University to support educational and humanitarian efforts. You can make a donation through the MUNI Shopping Centre. You can find out how much money has been collected so far on the MUNI HELPS website.