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MU Rector’s statement on sexual misconduct

Masaryk University publishes the statement of Rector Martin Bareš.

MU Rector Martin Bareš

As an academic institution, Masaryk University is proud to foster a collegial spirit and open communication among its employees and students. Therefore, striving to create a dignified, safe, inspiring and motivating environment for all Masaryk University students, staff members and other employees is of paramount importance to us. This objective is supported by our continuous effort to foster a culture of mutual respect, including the prevention of sexual harassment, coercion, unwanted attention, inappropriate comments and acting upon gender stereotypes.

No form of sexual or gender-based harassment, coercion or violence is or will be tolerated at Masaryk University. Everyone is expected to treat others with consideration and respect for their rights and dignity.

MU has released comprehensive public information material on the issue of inappropriate sexual behaviour to help prevent potential incidents. This manual, which has been co-authored by respected professionals with many years of experience in the field, includes definitions of inappropriate behaviour and recommendations on how to respond to it. The manual also includes a clear procedure for dealing with problematic situations.

This material is further evidence that Masaryk University will not tolerate sexual misconduct. As an institution, MU applies adequate preventive measures as well as appropriate sanctions whenever inappropriate behaviour is detected, including termination of employment or unconditional expulsion from study. The same penalties may apply in the event of a wilfully made false accusation of sexual misconduct.

Martin Bareš
rector of Masaryk University