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University nursery school Elánek MUNI opens for 26 children

On 1 September, Masaryk University opened the Elánek MUNI children’s group in its building on Komenského náměstí. The nursery school will mainly serve the university employees’ children.

Masaryk University opened the Elánek MUNI children’s group in its building on Komenského náměstí.

Twenty-six children between the ages of two and three have been enrolled in the first year of the preschool that Masaryk University has established on its premises in cooperation with a private company. “The places in the nursery school, which children may attend on a full-week basis or just on certain days, were preferentially offered to the staff of MU faculties and other departments,” said Barbora Šolcová, head of the Personnel Division of the MU Rector’s Office, adding that parents of eighteen children have taken up on the MU offer so far. The remaining places have been offered to local children.

The renovated premises on the first floor of the building on Komenského náměstí have everything a modern nursery school needs. Sanitary facilities, a changing room, dining room and a playroom that can be converted into a rest area in the afternoon using folding couches. “We are very grateful that we were able to find and renovate these beautiful open spaces for the children right in the centre of the city,” said headteacher Pavlína Veselá at the opening ceremony.

The ceremony on the first day of school was also attended by MU Rector Martin Bareš. “I am very happy that after several years of preparations we have managed to open another nursery school on the university premises. It is great that Masaryk University can now offer this benefit to its employees, which will help them and their families find a better work-life balance and provide a stimulating and inspiring environment for their little ones,” said Martin Bareš.

Jitka Štenclová brought her two-year-old son to the nursery on the first day of school on Thursday. Even on parental leave, she can now spend several hours a week working at the MU Technology Transfer Office. “I appreciate the opportunity to work a bit more thanks to the newly opened nursery school. It is situated in the same building where I work, which really simplifies things for me. And when I picked up Kristian today, he was smiling. He liked the first day and will surely be looking forward to going there.”

Elánek operates a network of private crèches and nurseries across the country. The company has cooperated with Masaryk University since 2018 and the nursery on Komenského náměstí is the second facility of its kind. The first children’s group has been established and now operates on the campus of the University Hospital Brno. The new children’s group at Komenského náměstí will also accept applications during the school year.