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Russian historian Zubov on his way to the Czech Republic to teach at Masaryk University

Russian historian, religion scholar and political scientist Andrei Borisovich Zubov has left Russia and is on his way to Brno where he should have a series of lectures on the history of Russia in the 20th century at Masaryk University.

Andrej Borisovič Zubov

Holder of honorary doctorate from Masaryk University and respected expert in the history of European philosophy, history of religion and Russian comparative history was recently fired from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations because of his views on the Russian policy towards Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. He has left Russia via Finland and is on his way to Brno. Should everything go smoothly he should arrive in a few days. He is scheduled to teach a series of lectures at Masaryk University.

Speaking at the Masaryk Days event in March 2022 Zubov criticised Russia for its aggression against Ukraine and expressed his wish for the end of the war and Putin’s regime as soon as possible. “Our nation and our people were sent to war against another Slavic nation which is as close to Russians just as Slovaks are close to Czechs. We will unfortunately be ashamed by these events for years to come. The Czech Republic and Masaryk University have done a lot to help Ukraine, and I hope the military conflict in Ukraine ends as soon as possible, same with Putin’s terrible and aggressive regime,” he emphasised during his lecture.

More details on Zubov’s activities at Masaryk University will be available after his arrival.