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Academic Senate denounces violence in Iran

Since mid-September Iran has been shaken by massive anti-government protests sparked by the news of the death of a young woman confronted by the police because of improperly worn hijab.

MU Academic Senate

More than fifty days ago massive protests started in Iran followed by police brutality and numerous cases of violence on women. Based on a motion submitted by Iranian students of the Faculty of Medicine the Academic Senate of Masaryk University decided to issue the following statement:

“The Academic Senate of Masaryk University denounces violence against girls and women in Iran and expresses its support of student protests calling for tolerance, equality and freedom. The senate also expresses its solidarity with the faculty and students of Iranian colleges and universities whose personal and academic freedoms have been largely denied by the repressive regime.”

The proposal was submitted by the Chair of the Academic Staff’s Chamber Michal Koščík and the Chair of the Students’ Chamber Daniel Jirků. The group of Iranian students speaking against the violence in their country wishes to remain anonymous out of fear for their safety. “We wanted to express our support of the protesters and do everything to make the voice of the Iranian people heard all over the world,” one of them said.

In recent days first physical confrontations were reported from Iranian universities. “The protests have turned into a revolution; the regime restricted access to the Internet, several people are murdered every day and thousands of students and human rights activists have been arrested. Still, thousands of people are in the streets every day to risk their life for a better future,” the Iranian student said. According to the non-governmental organisation, HRAI at least 270 people have been killed and 14,000 have been arrested by the local armed forces.