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Faculty of Law Dean Martin Škop gets second term

Faculty of Law Dean Martin Škop has won his second term. His new mandate starts on 1 April 2023.

Martin Škop received 12 of 19 votes.

The Academic Senate of the Faculty of Law decided that the current dean will remain in office until 2027. Škop (45), an expert in the history of legal thought and philosophy of law, did not have an opponent and received 12 of 19 votes. “I am honoured by the trust expressed by the academic senate. I also appreciate the negative votes, no irony there. It shows that the secret vote system works and fulfils its purpose,” Dean Škop said after the vote.

Škop has been in office since 1 April 2019, having replaced his predecessor Markéta Selucká. “I think I managed to stabilise the faculty in times of crisis, especially during the COVID-related restrictions and then during the war in Ukraine, which unfortunately has not yet ended. We are not aware of any falls or negatives, which I think is a success,” Škop says.

His most important priorities for the years to come to include the accreditation of bachelor’s and master’s study programmes and the support of the position of the faculty domestically and internationally. “I would like to improve the scientific part of the faculty; not in terms of the increasing pressure on foreign publications, but instead in terms of the ideal balance between what is meaningful within the Czech Republic – i.e. for the public administration and the state – and what should be published internationally,” Škop added. According to him, it is also important to improve the faculty’s position within the university and the whole law community in the Czech Republic and abroad.