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Scala University Cinema to close temporarily

The Scala University Cinema and Bolek Polívka Theatre will be temporarily closed with immediate effect until at least 24 February. The decision to close was made based on a structural engineer’s assessment of the building’s structural integrity in connection with the upcoming renovation of Bolek Polívka Theatre.

The Scala University Cinema will be temporarily closed with immediate effect until at least 24 February.

In preparation for the planned renovation of Bolek Polívka Theatre, Brno city authorities have recently carried out a structural and technical survey of the premises which included an assessment of the roof structure situated directly over the theatre’s auditorium and stage. The structural assessment revealed that the reinforced concrete roof trusses in this part of the building, i.e. above the theatre as well as Scala cinema’s main auditorium, are in a poor state of repair and immediate measures need to be taken to secure and restore them.

Brno city authorities have commissioned experts from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Brno University of Technology and a structural engineering expert to determine whether the necessary measures will allow the two cultural facilities to remain in operation until the end of the current season. “The tenants in this part of the building – Bolek Polívka Theatre and Masaryk University – have been informed of the situation and advised to close the facilities for the public until the necessary safety measures are implemented,” said Filip Poňuchálek, spokesman for Brno City Hall.

Both institutions responded to the warning from the city authorities immediately. “Masaryk University cannot accept even the slightest hazard in its premises, so it has decided to close the Scala University Cinema to the public until the owner of the building makes it safe for use again,” said Radim Sajbot, spokesman for the university. He added that the university, which leases the Scala building from Brno City Hall, is in touch with city officials about other possibilities, such as ongoing monitoring of the technical condition of the building so that a decision can be made as soon as possible on what to do next.

A similarly quick response came from Bolek Polívka Theatre, whose project director Simona Kostrhunová also confirmed the immediate closure. “Bolek Polívka Theatre was informed of the experts’ assessment concerning the technical condition of the building and has decided to immediately suspend operations until 24 February. We sincerely hope that a solution will be found by then. We thank our audiences for their understanding and we hope they will support us even in this difficult situation,” said Kostrhunová, adding that Bolek Polívka Theatre will refund tickets for all cancelled performances. For tickets purchased online, the money will be automatically credited back to the client’s account. The theatre’s box office, which is not situated in the affected part of the building, remains open and tickets can be returned there during its opening hours.

The temporary closure will also impact scheduled public events as well as courses of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Arts that are taught in the Scala University Cinema. The events which will not take place on their planned dates include the marathon screening of all eight Harry Potter films, the Czech Police awareness-raising event for secondary school students titled Don’t Give in to Temptation, and multiple children’s theatre and student performances. “We are very sorry this has happened, especially for the visitors, since hundreds of tickets were sold for these events and people were looking forward to them. We sincerely hope that everyone will understand our decision because people’s safety and health are our foremost priorities as a cinema operator,” said MU spokesman Radim Sajbot, adding that everyone will get a refund. 

All parties involved are staying in touch and the theatre and cinema should receive additional information and a statement from the property owner by 24 February. Masaryk University is also discussing possibilities for rescheduling some performances to other dates or refunding tickets. The Scala Bar and the Scalanterie University Shop will remain open because their premises are not situated in the unsafe part of the building.

Tickets for all film screenings at the Scala University Cinema scheduled from 16 to 24 February will be automatically refunded if purchased online. If you purchased a ticket in person at the box office, please contact the cinema by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The box office will be open daily from 17:00 to 21:00.

Other events not taking place at Scala in the period from 16 to 24 February:
Smejko a Tanculienka (performance for children) – more information at
Travel cinema: Sama pěšky z Mexika do Kanady (Hiking from Mexico to Canada alone) – more information at and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(Turkish Slave Girl, students’ theatre) – to be rescheduled