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Scala University Cinema reopens on Monday

On 16 February, the Scala University Cinema was temporarily closed for safety reasons. However, on Monday 27 February, the centre of social life that has been run by MU for ten years again opens its doors to visitors interested in film screenings, courses, lectures and other performances. Masaryk University decided to reopen the cinema based on information received from Brno City Hall, the owner of the premises.

The Scala University Cinema returns to its normal and full operation on 27 February.

The Scala University Cinema was temporarily closed on 16 February for reasons of safety when structural engineers discovered cracks in the roof support structure during a construction survey of the neighbouring Bolek Polívka Theatre. Brno city authorities then took the necessary safety precautions and now allow both buildings to be used again.

“We have received approval for renewed operation from the owner of the building. We have been assured that the buildings are safe, as additional structural integrity measurements carried out using measuring devices with a thousandth of a millimetre precision have not shown any concerning movements and all values point to the stability of the load-bearing structures. Therefore, nothing prevents the resumption of operation,” said Scala University Cinema Manager Petr Dimitrov, who added that a test of the cinema’s audio system was also carried out, confirming that even the acoustic pressure produced by the audio system at its current setting does not affect the stability of the structures and is undetectable by the installed measuring equipment.

Therefore, the Scala University Cinema returns to its normal and full operation on 27 February. “On Monday afternoon, Scala hosts the regular Film Projection course for students, and in the evening, the film Melancholia will be screened for the public as part of the Lars von Trier retrospective series. On Tuesday, we will inaugurate a new cycle of the unique Student Cinema project, which is run by Masaryk University students in cooperation with Scala. The current cycle is entitled Fear and Loathing and comprises works that are famous for their open portrayal of otherwise taboo topics. The cycle will open with Stanley Kubrick’s cult film A Clockwork Orange,” added Dimitrov.

As is the tradition at Scala, the programme will also include lectures for the general public. The first public lecture, titled The Remarkable History of First Republic Villas, will take place on Tuesday. On the next day, the well-known influencer Zoe Meixnerová will present her lecture Literature is Written Over Beer, which is presented as part of the university’s Cultural History of Beer series.

The reopened Scala will also host the marathon of all eight Harry Potter films, which has been rescheduled from last week to 4 and 5 March. The cinema’s schedule further includes two current Oscar-nominated art films – The Whale and Tár. Those interested can find the full Scala University Cinema programme here.

Audience members who missed out on refunds for events that could not take place due to the temporary closure can still do so directly at the cinema box office or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..