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Consumption of water, heat, gas and electricity at MU decreased

The #MUNISAVES campaign, which aimed to make Masaryk University optimize its energy consumption and achieve more efficient operations, and the energy-saving measures introduced during the academic year have had positive results.

At the beginning of last October, the #MUNISAVES campaign was launched to help save electricity, water, and gas. In line with its strategy, MU has guided employees and students to behave responsibly through the Ten Principles for Saving Energy. Current figures show that employees and students have taken an exemplary approach to the situation. Savings and cost reductions have been made in four main areas – drinking water, heat, gas, and electricity.

Sustainability and energy savings are being addressed at MU by experts from the MU Bursar's Office. They have compared consumption in the above areas in the current academic year with previous years. “We focused on the heating season – the period from 1 October to 30 April. This is the period that is the most demanding in terms of energy consumption at the University. We compared this academic year 2022/2023, in which we launched the #MUNISAVES campaign, with the previous year, but also with the year before that, 2018/2019. The results are clear. They show that the savings is paying off and that the topic of sustainability has real and positive impacts,” said Richard Hubl, head of the MU Bursar's Office.

Thus, year-on-year, according to the published results, which have been converted into clear graphs, MU's cold-water consumption fell by 5 million litres of drinking water, heat consumption fell by 16.7 percent, natural gas consumption fell by 24.7 percent, and there was a 5.4 percent saving in electricity.

Overall, Masaryk University managed to reduce energy consumption by about 15 percent. At the end of March, for example, thanks to the positive forecast, MU Rector Martin Bareš already confirmed his intention not to increase dormitory fees. He also acknowledged the contribution of the University's students and employees, who contributed to this result with their considerate behaviour.