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European Sustainable Development Week at MUNI

Thousands of events will be taking place across Europe during the annual European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW). The Czech Republic joined in 2015. This year, for the first time, Masaryk University will be an active participant.

Conferences, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, movie screenings, community gatherings, “open days” and much more; the main purpose of the wide range of activities and events is to show that we care about the future of the world we live in.

This year the European Sustainable Development Week will be held on 20–26 September. That being said, any event related to sustainability taking place between 18 September and 8 October can be registered, as one calendar week may actually seem too short.

MUNI will focus on its canteens
Faculties and other organisational units and entities of Masaryk University will participate through activities which already fall under the umbrella category “Sustainability at MUNI”. Some of the key activities within this year’s ESDW will take place in canteens. Over a seven work-day period (18–26 September) all aspects of sustainability will be presented, such as seasonality, regional origin, pricing, waste production and edification. The programme will focus on the presentation of the Webkredit app which aims to minimise food waste; it will introduce the so-called “Five rules of responsible consumer” and – most importantly – it will reverse the ratio of meat-based and vegetarian/vegan dishes on menus. “Menus will include at least three vegetarian or vegan dishes, in addition to the established offer,” SKM Director Kamil Kulíšek explains. Special menus will be prepared for each day; they will include dishes like beetroot ragout with pumpkin and rosemary; lentil chilli, Brussels sprouts with tofu, spelt with vegetables and more.

For the list of ESDW events and activities at MUNI visit this link