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Masaryk University opens sports complex at Veslařská

The new multipurpose sports complex at Veslařská street near the Svratka River was presented by Masaryk University at the beginning of week. The renovated sports facilities will be used mainly by students for training purposes.

Opening ceremony of the Veslařská complex.

A gym for physical training and dance lessons equipped with mirrors and a sound system; a 33 x 18 metre outdoor multipurpose sports field with artificial grass for football, netball, volleyball, tennis and other field sports; a fully-equipped workout field; a jetty on the river bank and also a boarding jetty for boats and sports on the river. Athletes can now find all this on the premises of the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University in Veslařská Street.

“This multipurpose complex has undergone extensive revitalisation in the past two years, resulting in the creation of modern facilities for teaching, university sports and cultural activities, as well as intersectoral cooperation,” said Jan Cacek, Dean of the Faculty of Sports Studies, at the complex’s presentation, where he also thanked all the partners involved in the project.

The site previously contained a boathouse, which served as a base for boat sports, and a small gym as a centre for outdoor activities, which, however, no longer met the necessary requirements. “We have used the complex only very sporadically in recent years, which makes us all the more glad that we have managed to find funds for its restoration,” said Lenka Goldmannová, secretary of the Faculty of Sports Studies. She also recalled that the initial impetus for the renovation of the complex came from the Covid-19 pandemic when the faculty was looking for opportunities for outdoor sports activities.  

Outdoor multipurpose sports field

The opening ceremony on the first day of the new academic year was also attended by the Rector of Masaryk University Martin Bareš. “The academic community of Masaryk University lives not only by education and research, but also by social, cultural and sporting activities. This beautiful complex connecting water sports with other indoor and outdoor activities is proof of that.”

The revitalisation of the site will allow MU to develop water sports, but most importantly it will provide new sports infrastructure. “For example, yoga, pilates and dance classes were held in the large Pod Hradem gym. Now we can move these activities to Veslařská Street and use the large gym for volleyball, basketball, floorball and other ball sports that need a court of a certain size,” added Tomáš Sedláček, head of the technical and operational department of the Faculty of Sports Studies.


The facilities – lockers and showers – at Veslařská Street are designed for about 70 athletes, i.e. two training groups. Students of the Faculty of Sports Studies will be the main users of the gym and the beautiful outdoor area. However, all MU students can access the facility as part of their compulsory PE classes. The faculty also plans to lease some of the sports facilities and, depending on demand, the entire complex on a commercial basis in the future.

The reconstruction of the Veslařská complex cost CZK 25 million. Part of the complex is also a heritage-protected building of the former boathouse, whose possible reconstruction or renovation will also be included in the future economic plans of Masaryk University.

A fully-equipped workout field
A jetty.

European Week for Sustainable Development (ETUR) 2023 – The opening of the Veslařská complex became part of this year’s ETUR on behalf of MU, thanks to the green roof of the gym, which will support the environment, reduce heating and cooling costs and extend the service life of the roof structure.