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MU has prepared recommendations on use of AI tools

The Working Group for AI in Teaching, led by Vice-Rector Michal Bulant, has prepared advice and a set of recommendations for using AI tools for academic purposes.

The recommendations are based on the Statement on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Teaching at Masaryk University and include guidelines for how to use different types of AI tools in different situations.

“By making non-binding recommendations on using AI tools in studying, we are expanding on our earlier statement with specific advice. Our emphasis is on the transparent use of these tools. We believe our recommendations will help learners and teachers in the ethical, creative, and safe use of AI tools for academic purposes,” said Michal Bulant, vice-rector for studies and quality.

Among other things, the statement calls for transparency in the use of AI tools in written work and recommends openly declaring the use of, or citing, AI tools in theses.

Elements of AI are now part of a wide range of applications that can be used in study tasks such as word processing. Depending on the type of AI tools used, appropriate referencing and citation methods need to be chosen. In general, wherever the use of an AI application directly affects the content of an assignment, such as a written paper, the use of the application should be declared. A general declaration, direct reference to, or description of the use of the AI application in an appendix is possible. The author may also include a copy of all prompts and relevant outputs of the generative AI tool with the written work.

If an AI application is used only for the formal editing of a work, it is usually not necessary to indicate the use of such a tool.

The recommendations are available on the website of the Quality Office of the Rector's Office of Masaryk University and will be particularly useful for written assignments such as term papers and theses.

Key recommendations

Referencing AI applications depends on how the generated output is used in the work and also on the type of application used.

AI tools can be used in a variety of ways when processing study tasks. Depending on the type of AI application, an appropriate method for referencing its use should be chosen.

In general, if an AI application is used only to formally modify a work, it is not necessary to indicate the use of such a tool. However, when content is affected, the use of the AI tool must be declared.

In particular, when using AI tools, it is recommended to follow the rules set by the institution at which the assignment is being prepared. Learners are guided by the disciplinary practices and specifics of referencing and also by the recommendations of the teachers who assign the assignment or supervise the thesis.

In the case of theses, it is recommended to supplement the usual statement of originality with the sentence ”I declare that I have used AI tools in accordance with the principles of academic integrity and that I have made appropriate reference to the use of these tools in the thesis.”