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MU is second best Czech university in ranking of European schools

Masaryk University has been ranked 161st out of 688 European universities in the brand-new QS World University Rankings: Europe 2024.

“The result is pleasing, but it is not a surprise or a coincidence. Our University has been improving over the long term, and in all three roles we have been able to increase our competitiveness within Europe and the world. In my opinion, the coronavirus pandemic played a role in this development, and it is also showing up in the current security crisis caused by Russian aggression in Ukraine. Our faculties and institutes are able to cooperate effectively even in difficult times, and thanks to this, Masaryk University can be a pillar of our region and nation,” said Radim Polčák, Vice-Rector for Development, Legislation and Information Technology.

The QS World University Rankings: Europe 2024 include institutions from 42 member countries of the Council of Europe. The ranking evaluates higher education institutions through the lens of 12 indicators that cover the quality of research and development, employment and employability of graduates, study and learning conditions, global engagement, and sustainability. They take into account regional specificities by focusing on the reputation of universities and internationalization efforts.

After the historic success of being ranked in the top 400 universities in the world, this is another confirmation of MU's strong position in the international arena. In Europe, Masaryk University is ranked in the top 100 in the percentage and diversity of international students (88th position), who come from 112 countries, and in sustainable development (93rd position), which takes into account not only the sustainable behaviour of the institution in its own governance, but also the social impact and the impact of research and education on the environment. Compared to Czech universities, MU ranks best in the number of publications per academic and researcher.

“I was very happy to hear that Masaryk University has been ranked in the QS University Rankings: Europe 2024. It confirms that the efforts devoted to MU's performance in all the areas taken into account are bearing fruit. I believe that this trend and momentum will be maintained. I would be very happy if the continued internationalization of the entire Masaryk University would continue to contribute to this in all relevant aspects,” said Petr Suchý, Vice-Rector for Internationalization, evaluating MU's ranking.

MU's strong overall ranking of 161st is mainly due to indicators that assess the institution's reputation in the academic environment and among employers. Reputation ratings account for 45 percent of the overall QS Europe ranking. The results are based on two QS surveys in which respondents from the global academic community and employers select higher education institutions based on excellence in science, research, and education and the level of graduates entering the labour market. The International Research Network indicator (10 percent weight in the rankings) and the strong indicators of attractiveness to international students and sustainability mentioned above also contributed significantly to MU's overall score.

“In addition to the generally positive dynamics of the overall results, I am also pleased with the nominal results in some of the categories assessed – for example, the international reach of our research or reputation among employers. But if I had to say whether I am satisfied with this year's results, the answer is of course not. We can only be really satisfied if we reach the first place and stay there for a few years,” added Vice-Rector Radim Polčák.

The QS Europe rankings further distinguish five geographical areas. Within Eastern Europe, which includes eight countries along with the Czech Republic, MU is ranked fourth out of 133 institutions. Charles University is first in the Eastern Europe region, followed by the University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University.

A total of 17 Czech universities were ranked this year, with Charles University taking the top spot (86th overall), followed by Masaryk University (161st) and the Czech Technical University in Prague (182nd).