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MUNI RUN: Runners got to know campus from different perspective

On Wednesday 15 May, the first edition of the MUNI RUN took place on the Bohunice Campus. It was attended not only by MUNI students and employees, but also by athletes from the general public, including children.

Start of the men's race.

176 runners in the adult category and 70 children came to run around the Faculty of Sports Studies, Faculty of Science, CEITEC and the pavilions of the Faculty of Medicine to clear their heads, do something for their health and release sum much needed endorphins. Vice-Rector Petr Suchý, Dean of the Faculty of Sports Studies Jan Cacek, and Michal Kumstát and Ivan Struhár, Vice-Deans of the Faculty of Sports Studies, also participated in the event. 

According to the participants, it was a really refreshing way to connect the university community inside and out with friends of the university and across generations. “We got to see the campus from a different perspective, ran on many different surfaces, and everyone ran according to their fitness level,” stated Tomáš Kudela from the Rector’s Office of External Relations. The MUNI RUN team led by him and the Faculty of Sports Studies organised the event.

“I have to say that the varied surface conditions were perfect for me and, most importantly, I chose my shoes well,” said Martin Hadaš, the head of the Public Procurement Department, who took part in MUNI RUN three days after completing the VLTAVA RUN team running race.

“I had a great time too, although I didn't prepare too much. The crowd pushed me on, everyone from children to adults had a great time. I am satisfied with my ranking, I gave it my best,” said Vice-Rector Petr Suchý, who started with number 105, which is the anniversary of Masaryk University this year. According to him, the first year of the MUNI RUN was a clear success.

“It was an excellent event, and our faculty participated in its organisation. We are happy to see people running forward on the track, just as the university is moving forward in its international rankings. And my special thanks go to Tomáš and Pavla Kalina from our faculty,” said Jan Cacek, Dean of the Faculty of Sports Studies.

Women, students – 1st place: Zuzana Navrátilová (SPORT MUNI), 2nd place: Šárka Půstová (SPORT MUNI), 3rd place: Viktorie Pelcová (MED MUNI).
Women, staff – 1st place: Barbora Novotná (Rector’s Office), 2nd place: Iveta Jansová (FSS MUNI), 3rd place: Veronika Papoušková (SCI MUNI).
Men, students – 1st place: Vojtěch Novák (SPORT MUNI), 2nd place: Jakub Augsten (SPORT MUNI), 3rd place: Lucas Harris (SPORT MUNI).
Men, staff – 1st place: Vojtěch Grün (SPORT MUNI), 2nd place: Ivan Struhár (SPORT MUNI), 3rd place: Michal Kumstát (SPORT MUNI).

Category girls up to 6 years: 1st place: Jasmína Kalinová, 2nd place: Anastázie Horecká, 3rd place: Šárka Florianová.
Category boys up to 6 years: 1st place: Vojtěch Palko, 2nd place: Samuel Stehlík, 3rd place: Janek Parma.
Category girls from 7 to 9 years: 1st place:  Rozárie Horecká, 2nd place: Veronika Skřičková, 3rd place: Lucie Papoušková.
Category boys from 7 to 9 years: 1st place:  Josef Siegel, 2nd place: Jiří Búřil, 3rd place: Timotej Palkovič. 
Category girls from 10 to 12 years: 1st place: Klára Papoušková, 2nd place: Alžběta Hublová, 3rd place: Nela Lepierová.
Category boys from 10 to 12 years: 1st place: Adrian Spáčil, 2nd place: Vojta Valeš.
Category girls from 13 to 15 years: 1st place: Ester Bártová, 2nd place: Žaneta Kupská, 3rd place: Tereza Kudelová.
Category boys from 13 to 15 years: 1st place: Jan Skřička, 2nd place: Mojmír Šenekl.

Proceeds from the event will go to the MUNI HELPS Volunteer Centre.

The event was supported by TRIEXPERT, a seller of sports equipment for running and cycling, which prepared an interesting offer not only for today’s runners. Students and employees of the Masaryk University will get a 20% discount on their purchases in the TRIEXPERT e-shop if they order using their email address.