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Faculty of Law opens a new library

A 16-month remodel has provided future lawyers with comfortable conditions for study.

A new library at the Faculty of Law.

A completely remodelled library at the Faculty of Law was opened for students and academicians. A 16-month remodel has provided future lawyers with comfortable conditions for study, and books have received appropriate facilities. Full operation started on Monday 30 March.

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Moreover, during the first week of operation, the new facilities offered a unique opportunity to look at the cornerstone of the former university campus, found in June during the reconstruction, and originals of documents hidden in it.

“The remodel solved two problems at once. The Faculty has a library that meets the parameters of modern facilities of this type, and problems with moisture caused by obsolete sewage system and the overall age of the building have been removed," said the Dean of the Faculty Naděžda Rozehnalová. She referred to the fact that the building dates from 1932, when it was expected to become the basis of then planned university campus which was to be located under Kraví hora.

The cornerstone of the planned university campus.

Eventually, the building of the Faculty of Law was the only one that was built. The history of the building is now supported by documents found last June during the reconstruction. In the first week of operation, the university public had a unique opportunity to see the originals as well as the stone they were hidden in. After that period, the historical documents were moved to the MU University Archives and replaced by copies that will remain on-site permanently.

Thanks to the remodel, the library has grown by more than 500 m2 because the basement areas of the former gym and the previous library have been joined. The remodel and acquisition of new equipment cost approximately CZK 64.4 million. The Faculty covered most of the costs from a grant under the Ministry of Education's operational programme.