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The FI dean candidate: We should be more open to foreign students and scientists

Michal Kozubek has been the head of the faculty for the past four years already.

Profesor Michal Kozubek.

The only candidate for the office of the dean of the Faculty of Informatics MU, Michal Kozubek, who has been the head of the faculty for the past four years already, presented his program priorities on April 8. According to him, the key points are internationalization of both research and teaching and proceeding with the turn from quantity to quality.

In the area of teaching, Kozubek wants to put more emphasis on the presence of foreign students or student from the more remote areas of the Czech Republic and besides, he wants closer cooperations with talented high-school students. “In master's and doctoral programs, it is essential to continue with the gradual conversion of most courses into English," says Kozubek.

He is also planning to restructure the fields of study, mainly to decrease their number in bachelor's studies. At the same time, he wants to make doctoral studies more attractive, for example by improving the financing of doctoral students.

According to him, English should be heard more not only among students, but also among teachers. “Recruitment of academic staff should continue to be done exclusively by properly posted international tenders without any requirement to know Czech, but demanding an excellent command of English," emphasizes Kozubek.

Related to this is also his striving to develop research projects on international level which should, among other things, be enabled by better administrative support for writing project proposals. Research and development should also more intensely involve industrial partners of the faculty, mainly thanks to the new Technology Innovation Transfer Chamber.

Within the new operational program Research, Development and Education, Kozubek wants the secure funds to complete the next stage of reconstructing the faculty premises. The aim is to improve the layout of lecture rooms, create areas for team work and extend office premises for new teams.