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The stadium Za Lužánkami will host a duel between the Masaryk and Charles Universities

On January 7, the blue MU team will face its great rival.

Two months after the hockey match with BUT, the Masaryk University fans can look forward to another super interesting duel. On January 7, the blue MU team will face its great rival, the Charles University team.

The game is even more attractive for its location. Starting at 6 p.m., the match will be a part of the extra league Kometa Brno Hockey Games in a specially created open-air stadium Za Lužánkami.

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The tickets are 99 crowns and since November 30, they can be bought at the Ticketportal network or at the booking office of the Kometa stadium, the DRFG Arena on Křídlovická street.

For the duel between the universities, Kometa will open four sectors with the best view which, combined, take in six thousand visitors. Masaryk University fans will have sectors A2 and A3; while for fans of the Prague team, sectors B2 and B3 will be reserved. Currently, special transport arrangements for fans coming from Prague are being discussed.

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The game is on the weekly program of The Hockey Games: extra league matches between Kometa Brno, Škoda Plzeň and the Prague team Sparta and minor league duel between Technika Brno and SHK Hodonín.

“In NHL, such events are traditionally part of the program and are very popular with the viewers, so why would this not work here? I'm looking forward to the Games and I'm confident that people will enjoy the unique experience," said Jiří Nykodým, the Dean of the Faculty of Sports Studies.