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Masaryk University vs VUT: this time, it’s football

The match between the teams from MU and VUT will take place on 19 April.

The Tuesday football match follows in the footsteps of the traditional Ice Hockey Battle of Universities. The two largest universities in Brno — Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology (VUT) — will pit their football skills against each other on 19 April at 5:30 p.m. at the Czech first-league stadium at Srbská. The organisers would like to see the attendance level at least match that of those at the ice hockey matches. The stadium can hold 8,000 fans.

Over 70 students wanted to play for the Masaryk University team. “We organised football trials where I had the pleasure to meet a number of excellent players. About three of them were so good that after 15 minutes, I agreed with my assistants that they didn't need to continue – it was obvious that they would be automatic choices,” says Karel Večeřa, the coach of the blue Muni team and a Brno football legend. Večeřa played for a local league team for several years, which he later also coached until a couple of years ago.

He will meet another football star on Tuesday night. The match will be refereed by Petr Švancara, also a former player for the local Zbrojovka Brno team and a well-known showman, who is still an icon among many Czech football fans, even after ending his playing career. However, the organisers claim that the match will be free of Švancara’s jokes: the game will be played as a genuine competition with both sides looking to win.

Tickets will be on sale up to kick-off. As an important note, fans do not need to worry about rain, as most of the stadium is covered. Moreover, the stadium seats are currently being replaced, so the fans of both teams should be able to sit on the new ones.