Muslim minorities in Europe and the privatization of Islam


One of the participants of the Cyberspace 2008 Conference was Vit Sisler, an associate professor from Charles University in Prague. His research main topic is questions of contemporary Islamic law, the relation between Islam and digital media and political aspects of computer games.

We cannot enforce a law which society does not accept


Is sharing music really a crime? Should personal data protection be put above companies´ economic interests or can we give a film distributor personal data about people who illegally download his film? How does one cope with second-hand software?  

Leipzig in Brno


A report about Brno, its people and Czech language through German eyes

From August to October stayed for the second time german students in Brno. They came here with the Kafka Programme of the german Hertie foundation to do a traineeship in several institutions. Two of them worked at the Masaryk University in the Office of International Studies and in the Office for Marketing and Public Relation of the Rectorate. I was one of these two students got to know the PR-work of the university.

Delegates from European universities have started their meeting in Brno

Nearly 300 representatives of universities from over 30 European countries have gathered in Brno, Southern Moravia, which was selected to host the autumn conference of the European University Association. Conferences of the EUA, which is the representative body of European universities and national rectors conferences, generally take place twice a year; for the first time in EUA’s history, it is being held in the Czech Republic.

Brno's rectors call upon the Czech government to support ICRC

On Wednesday, 14th December 2005, the Czech Government will be deciding about the future of the project of the International Clinical Research Center, which should be built during the subsequent four years in the city of Brno. On this occasion, the rectors of the three Brno universities - Masaryk University in Brno, Brno University of Technology, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno - have issued a declaration, in which they express their support and the pledge of the universal collaboration.

I believe in maximizing the use of technology

On 21-24 September, in co-operation with Brno University of Technology, City of Brno, Brno Centre for European Studies and Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, Masaryk University in Brno was organizing the international symposium in honour of the outstanding theoretical physicist George Placzek, who was born on 26 September 1905 in Brno and died on 9 October 1955 in Zurich. George Placzek belongs among the most important physicists of the 20th century, setting an example not only through his discoveries, but also by the extraordinary stimulating style of his scientific work. Details dealing with life and scientific work of George Placzek as well as with the symposium are available on the symposium website In the international symposium was participating also a nephew of George Placzek Mr. F. Anthony Placzek, businessman living in California, who we asked to answer our questions.

International Exchanges Rise Dramatically

If you think you’re hearing more foreign languages being spoken around MU this semester than in the past -you’re right! This year MU is welcoming record numbers of international students on semester- or year-long exchange programmes. This semester there are almost two hundred, as opposed to about 120 a year ago – an increase of almost 70 percent. And they will be coming from all over the globe – virtually every country in Europe (still waiting for someone from Malta, though, and Cyprus), Canada and the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan… a very impressive list at a university that only five years ago was welcoming no more than about 40 students a year in this way.

EAIE Conference

For the third time this year, the OIS organized and coordinated a joint activity of the six main institutions of higher education in Brno. The project, entitled “The Brno Universities”, aims at promoting the complete range of higher education opportunities in Brno as well as the city itself. One aspect of the project is a unique joint brochure with information in English about all the institutions. The other, perhaps more important, is promotion of the six universities at the annual conference and fair of the European Association for International Education (EAIE).

First impressions of Brno

We asked six international students from round the world who have come to Masaryk University this autumn semester to give us their first impressions of the university and the city. Their responses were interesting...

Bohunice campus will be finished

The Czech government decided, on the 20th July, to increase the money awarded to Masaryk University in order to further develop the university’s Bohunice campus.

AIESEC student organisation

AIESEC is the largest student-run organisation in the world, with groups based in 89 countries, in over 800 universities.