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102 fresh doctors met at doctoral graduation ceremony

More than one hundred doctoral study programme graduates from all ten faculties received their diplomas at the doctoral graduation ceremony at the Faculty of Law on 24 March.

Doctoral graduation ceremonies are held twice a year.

“We had the typical five groups of approximately twenty people,” says coordinator of ceremonies of Masaryk University Tereza Dvořáková from the Division of Doctoral Studies and Science Qualifications at the Rector’s Office. Vice-Rector Šárka Pospíšilová presided over the ceremony, with Rector Martin Bareš and deans of most faculties in attendance.

Rector Martin Bareš was among the first people to congratulate the fresh graduates.

The faculty with the highest number of doctoral study programme graduates is the Faculty of Science with 38 fresh doctors, followed by the Faculty of Medicine (17) and the Faculty of Arts (14). All faculties were represented at the ceremony by at least one graduate, bringing the total number of successful graduates to 102.

Doctoral graduation ceremonies are held twice a year – typically in late March and September. “There are usually around one hundred graduates in each group,” Dvořáková says. Currently, there are 1,326 women and 1,200 men enrolled in MU’s doctoral study programmes; most of them full-time, and only 383 in the combined mode of study.