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Electronic Paper in Color won the crowd at the European Finals of Science Slam

Masaryk University hosted for the first time in Czechia a popular science competition finals.

Andreas Dahlin receiving the award.

Andreas Dahlin won last nights European finals of Science Slam hosted for the first time in the Czech Republic by Masaryk University at Cinema Scala.

Laughs, cheers, beer, and more are what filled the cinema as students and science lovers alike filled the seats and the aisles to watch seven scientists show off their many years of research in only several minutes.

With the help of memes, rhymes, slideshows, props, and a dog the scientist put on a show for the audience who were the judges for the night. Criteria for winning? Completely up to the audience who got to choose whoever they found had the most funny, interesting, or informative performance.

Audience favorite ended up being Andreas Dahlin with his performance about electronic paper in color. Ever wondered why when you take your laptop outside in the sun you can not see anything on the screen? Well Dahlin has been researching a way to fix that with electronic paper, but in color.

The scientists were not the only ones who wowed the crowd last night. The hosts for the evening were Matej Klusacek, science slam finals moderator and last years winner of the European finals, Michael Morary.

These two together kept the crowd engaged and laughing as they introduced the show, kept up friendly banter throughout the evening, and announced the winner of the evening.

The other slammers of the night were:

Barbora Chattová

Brno’s very own from Masaryk University whose talk topic was Keep it Cool and Study Antarctic Diatoms
Fun fact: Every fifth breathe you take is from diatoms.

Sahar El Khoury

Kept the audience guessing until her presentation called The Other Self, about the robotic hand and how it can mimic human gestures.

Osama Khalaf

Are your memories correct? Distorted memories are common and he explained why with the help of some popular movie quotes.

Matthias Mader

Told the audience how to see the invisible, detecting transparent nanoparticles.

Christoph, Rainer, Katharina, and George

Informed the audience about eye melanoma and brought along their furry friend George to help out.

Angela Tabiri

Showed off her mathematic skills and tested the audiences with her presentation on The Dictionary of Two Alphabets and some Cool Mathematics.

Each of the slammers did a great job presenting their years of extensive research to the audience in only several minutes and in a way that even the most non-science person could understand.

Full audience at University Cinema Scala.

To finish the night strong and as the votes were being counted, there was a performance by acapella group Megaphone who performed songs by Lady GaGa, Gotye, and Fun.

If you missed the show live you can head to Science Slam Muni facebook page to watch the show live from last night.

Watch it whole on video (beginning at 11 minutes and 30 secondes, continuing after break at 1 hour 50 minutes)

European finals: Science slam

European finals: Science slam LIVE from Scala, Brno

Zveřejnil(a) Science slam MUNI dne 4. prosinec 2017