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MU Faculty of Medicine to award credits for COVID-related work duty

The amount of credits that will be awarded will depend on the work performed by the students. Students who are volunteering may also receive course credit.

The Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University will award course credit to students for performing obligatory work duty during the coronavirus pandemic, recognizing this work as the equivalent of mandatory practical courses. This applies to medical students who are now actively helping in healthcare and social care facilities and elsewhere. The amount of credits to be awarded will be decided by the faculty based on how closely the work being performed corresponds with planned practicals. The rectors of Czech universities with medical faculties and the Association of Deans of Medical Faculties have agreed on this approach.

“We consider it a very useful way for our medical students to progress in their studies, which have been somewhat interrupted as they have played an important part in handling the current epidemic,” says Rector Martin Bareš. Course or study programme guarantors may decide to award 50 to 100 percent of credits that would normally be received for practical clinical classes.

“We will ensure that students gain experience and skills where they work, which is for us, and particularly for them and their studies, necessary,” adds Martin Repko, dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

How faculties are helping students

Students who are performing obligatory work duty or are volunteering in healthcare facilities, call centres, nursing homes, and so forth may request that this work be recognized as the equivalent of an internship or other form of practical class, that is, if the focus and scope of such work correspond roughly with that of planned practicals.

Classes continue to be taught at medical faculties throughout the Czech Republic, although there is some flexibility, as simulation courses have been enhanced so that students are not denied learning the practical skills they need.

Universities are willing to allow changes to the academic calendar, and faculties are planning to hold practical courses in the summer months, offer block courses, and so forth. Faculties will ensure that there are enough exam dates so that all students performing work duty or volunteering at healthcare facilities have a choice of when to take exams.