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Tips for great breakfast in Brno

Brno is not only full of students but also full of cafés. One of Masaryk University's international students, Sofiia Synytska, brings some tips for great breakfasts in Brno and enjoying time with your friends.

Most students have nights when they have to study hard… or party hard. In any case, it takes a good meal to recharge and it is said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you run out of food at home or are not in the mood for cooking, or you want to catch up with friends or meet someone new, here are some tips for places where you can get a great breakfast.

Timing is everything

Before going out, check the time because some places finish serving breakfast at 11 a.m., while others do not even open before 10:30 a.m. And don’t forget that at weekends, the opening hours of many cafés may be different from weekdays.

Maybe Coffee & Bistro
Opens from 8 a.m., or from 9 a.m. at weekends. It offers a wide selection ranging from bagels to the full English breakfast to French toast. If you have a sweet tooth, the brownies and cheesecakes are very tasty, too.

Podnik café bar
A cosy place in the city centre that serves breakfast till 11:30 a.m.; at weekends you can take your time as it serves breakfast until 2 p.m. Podnik café bar offers the usual selection of coffees, and you can also choose from various egg dishes, avocado toasts, bagels and fruit bowls.

4 Pokoje
If you are looking for something really unusual, try 4 Pokoje (Four rooms). It’s a café, bistro and a bar all in one and you can have breakfast there at any time of day, even at 3 a.m. if you wish. Every morning, they also open an egg bar where you can prepare your breakfast completely to your taste, from the number and type of eggs to side dishes and more.

Consider your preferences

In a world with many kinds of national food, people are generally divided into French breakfast aficionados and full English breakfast lovers. Some get by with just coffee and a croissant or a cereal bowl, others can’t get enough of scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and pancakes. Here are some tips based on the different types of breakfast you may prefer.

Kafec is for waffle lovers, but not only them. If you are up for a nourishing breakfast, I highly recommend trying “Královská snídaně” (Royal Breakfast) – it’s a new variation of the English breakfast with a touch of Czech cuisine.

William Thomas Artisan Bakery
A place full of delicious pastries. When all you need for a good morning is a sweet croissant and a delicious coffee, this exceptional place is just right for you.

Fabrik Food Factory
When you are looking for a rich choice of vegetarian breakfast dishes, Fabric food factory is a perfect fit for you. Besides, you can stay for a tasty lunch, which is different every day.

Stay healthy

Eating fast food saves time and can be fun occasionally, but you shouldn’t forget to take good care of yourself. Staying healthy is essential! Having a nutritious breakfast is one of the many ways to pay attention to your health.

Poppy Beans
A convenient place to study, have a bagel for breakfast with your friends or enjoy a peaceful moment alone with a mouth-watering cake or a cheesecake.

A place that combines croissants with English breakfast and it’s definitely worth a try. A simple place with good coffee to start your day.

Cafés for photo lovers

For some people, sitting in a beautiful place and enjoying the atmosphere is an essential part of having a good time and brightening their day. Here are some nice-looking places for your Instagram profile.

Visit before the last warm and sunny days go away because the outdoor spaces of this famous establishment look truly magnificent in autumn. Breakfasts are filling and there are many great options to try.

A place for those who prefer minimalist urban interiors and are looking for tasty wraps, toasts and sweet pancakes with many different flavours.

Coffee Trail Bar
A warm and calm place where they serve appetising avocado toasts. You can relax there, work or hang out with friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

Share and try something new

There are many international students at Masaryk University, which provides a good opportunity to explore different cultures through cuisine. You can exchange recipes or visit restaurants serving national dishes; your buddies will suggest new cuisines for you to try or perhaps some well-known dishes with a particular twist.