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Tips for best second-hand shops in Brno

Would you like to buy clothes on the cheap and encourage sustainable shopping? Sofiia Synytska, an international student at MU, will give you some tips for the best places for second-hand shopping in Brno.

Whether you would like to change or alter your style, buy some new pieces for spring or you’re simply an international student with a small pack of clothes far away from home, here are some places to go shopping in Brno. You will definitely enjoy shopping there, no matter if you are engrossed in protecting the environment or just finding unique pieces that suit your style.

Textile House Vintage Shop
Textile House Vintage shop is a small second-hand shop near the main train station. While it may seem like your grandma’s wardrobe when you first get in, I really recommend you visit this shop – it’s a place where you can find truly special, exclusive and retro pieces. Moreover, there is a wide selection of accessories like cute scarves, colourful ties, classic bags, gloves and jewellery: necklaces, rings and so on.

Charley Fashion
Another place that I would recommend is the Charley Fashion outlet near the Pionýrská tram stop, where you can easily come across fashionable and brand-new clothes from brands like Zara and Calvin Klein. Moreover, there are a lot of clothes with tags, so you can be sure that they have just arrived from the store.

Vintage no Introduction
Vintage no Introduction is a cute small shop located five minutes from Moravské náměstí. It is full of cool stuff like voguish T-shirts, basic vintage pairs of jeans and even some retro jewellery, gemstones for energy or good vibes, movie posters and a lot more. The atmosphere is friendly and somehow cosy.

The London Station
If you are looking for some shoes for various occasions and seasons or you simply feel like Carrie Bradshaw, then the London Station near Náměstí svobody is the perfect place for you to go. Besides, there are a lot of clothes that you might have seen somewhere in the fast fashion shops, so it won’t be a problem to pick up some at a reduced price.

Genesis is a chain of second-hand stores with three outlets in Brno, so you will have multiple places to shop. You could find some retro pieces if you have enough time and patience, and a lot of old and fast fashion clothes. It is a place where you have to dig around a bit until you come across something tolerable. Moreover, if you are not in the mood for going out, they have an online shop too, so you don’t have to look for the pieces in person.

Botárna – Oblékárna
The biggest second-hand shop in Brno is called Botárna – Oblékárna and is placed a bit further from the city centre, but you can still get there in just about seven minutes by tram (the Tkalcovská stop).

You will find there a really large selection of clothes, handbags, accessories and even shoes. No matter what your style is, or your preferences are, you will surely find some nice pieces that will fit perfectly or at least come up with new ideas for outfits.

Enjoy walking down the city centre

Most second-hand shops are in the city centre so you can easily go there after or in between lectures at Masaryk University. Enjoy walking down the historic city centre of Brno and find original outfits for reasonable prices while supporting sustainable shopping and zero waste. And let us know which second-hand shop has become your favourite.