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“Only in Brno”. International students can compete for the best photo from studies at Masaryk

At the beginning of May, Masaryk University announced a competition for international students for the best photo from their studies in Brno for the first time. The competition motto is “Only in Brno”, and students can send in their entries up to Sunday, 26 May.

International students studying at Masaryk University on bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes, as well as those at MU for a short-term placement, internship, summer school or BIP mobility, can participate in the competition. All you have to do is, using the online form, enter one photo into the competition which best describes your placement in Brno and at Masaryk University - whether it is a photo of a trip with a group of classmates, an unusual meal, a snapshot from your studies or simply a picture that should not remain only in your phone’s photo gallery. Competition winners will receive a voucher for an authentic restaurant with traditional Czech cuisine as well as university merch.

The three best pictures will be selected by June 10 by an expert committee made up of employees of Masaryk University’s Centre for International Cooperation, which is organising the competition. The winning photos, together with other competition images, will then be published on Masaryk University’s Instagram account.

“A placement or internship at Masaryk University is an unforgettable experience for international students. This is why we came up with the idea of holding a photo competition this year - we want unique photos that would normally remain hidden in the student’s photo archive to be seen by other students thinking about going to Brno or somewhere else to study. We believe that we will be able to obtain interesting photos from which we might, for example, make a calendar or another original gift. We are already looking forward to what will be created thanks to the competition,” explained Jakub Motyčka, head of the International Marketing Division at CZS MU.

The competition for the best photo from their studies at Masaryk University is a great chance for international students to share their experiences and show just how varied placements in the Czech Republic and Brno can be. Masaryk University plans to announce a similar photo competition in coming years and through it show the best that experience abroad can offer the younger generation.