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Where to travel on a low budget

Still wondering how to spend the rest of summer? Take advantage of cheap flights from Brno or become a volunteer.

Unusual way to spend a summer is a volunteer workcamp, in the Czech Republic or abroad. You help people around the world. Photograph: Veronika Tomanová.

All the troubles of the exam period are over and Brno is full of the summer atmosphere. The holidays, which for some students last up to 3 months, create enough space for travel, meeting new people and practising foreign languages.

You can reach many European capitals in just a few hours. If you plan your journey well, it doesn’t even have to be expensive. Where can you travel on a low budget?

Cheaply from Brno to London and Rome
The fastest way from Brno is by air. You can fly to London and Rome with low-cost airlines. The process can vary when it comes to different dates even within the same week. When in search of the cheapest ticket you should stick to the main strategy: compare, compare and compare. You can browse different dates and when you finally see a price which is acceptable for you, don’t hesitate and book it immediately.

If you feel like having some fish and chips, taking a picture in front of Big Ben or walking under the windows of Buckingham Palace, you should definitely book a ticket to London. You can get a return trip from between 800 and 2000 Czech crowns. It is a unique opportunity before the Olympic Games starts. Imagine taking a photograph of you with Tower Bridge in the background – there are now five giant Olympic rings upon this symbol of London.

And what about some sightseeing with sunny weather guaranteed? Head south – Rome is waiting for you. You can get a return trip this summer for between 1500 and 4000 Czech crowns. In the hustle of visiting all the monuments, which are all located in the very centre of Rome, you can take refreshment with fantastic Italian ice cream. If you fall in love with Rome, you should not forget to drop a coin in the famous Di Trevi fountain. According to the legend, this tradition guarantees you will come back to Rome one day.

Across Europe by bus
Comfortable and affordable travel is also possible by coach. You pay 1500 Czech crowns to travel to Venice. For less than 1000 Czech crowns you can visit Copenhagen or Berlin. Last but not least, there are also cheap tickets to Budapest (400 Czech crowns) and Vienna (200 Czech crowns).

The two main companies with long-distance buses always depart from the station across the street from the Grand Hotel, near Brno’s main railway station. You can also buy a ticket online in the comfort of your living from. It is usually cheaper to buy a return ticket than two singles.

Spending a night economically
If you would like to save more money on accommodation or simply love meeting new people, you should join a social network for free accommodation all around the globe. The most popular is Couchsurfing, where more than two million people are registered. Another possibility is the Hospitality club.

Be different: volunteer
Taking part in work camps is an unusual way of spending the summer. You stay from two to three weeks in a group of international volunteers. You can take part in projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

And what exactly are the projects about? Renovating paths in Italy, organizing a summer programme for kids in Finland, helping to restore agriculture in Japan after an earthquake...

If you decide to participate in a work camp, it is necessary to pay a fee and choose a project suitable for you from a database. Accommodation and food are usually covered by the project, so travel is your only expense. Those who prefer to participate in a project in the Czech Republic can become a leader of such a work camp.