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The student – a social being

The college life also includes activities in student clubs. At MU there is something for everyone.

Student clubs are involved in organizing big music festival Majáles, where universities of Brno compete, whose candidate will become the king of Majáles.

A student doesn't come alive only through studying: university clubs are one of the things that make a university student more interesting. The academic environs are an ideal place for student initiative: for people want self-fulfilment other than studies, who long to make friends with similar interests and who want to show what they are made of. If we look at the multitude of clubs at Masaryk University, it looks like everyone can choose what they enjoy. You shouldn't get discouraged by the fact that most of them are primarily for Czech speaking students. They will warmly welcome international students too. And if you don't choose any of the clubs, you can still start one of your own.

Studies at full speed! That is the motto of Munie, which watches over all the student clubs and activities of Masaryk University. The Masaryk student union oversees shelters clubs and coordinates and encourages their functioning. It offers students a lot of fun and space for active engagement in what is going on at university. About seventy students ensure its smooth running and organize a variety of cultural and sporting events or soirées.

Thanks to Munie, for example, students had the chance to dance at the first ever academic student ball of MU, they can support their university at the floorball battle of universities or they may enjoy themselves at Masaryk University at a very special student festival known as Majáles.

Check out the trailer for the March ball organized by Munie:

Everyone may participate in running the club and all students who are active and enjoy taking the initiative are welcome. Through their participation, they may gain valuable experience in various positions already during their studies. The possibilities are endless - from organizing events, marketing and editorial work through fundraising or taking photographs to anything that an arty student has to offer.

"Munie membership gives me space for self-fulfilment, communication, and cultivating other soft skills. I gain new experience, contacts, and live through unforgettable moments. I think this is the best time investment of a student who wants to enrich their life at university. It's like a school of life," says Andrea Bukovská, who holds the position of project manager, coordinating the organisation of various social events at Munie.

Those who do not want to participate as administrators may become regular members of Munie. Holders of the Munie student card gain many benefits, such as discounts in selected establishments and cafeterias or lower ticket prices to cultural and sport events. What's more, people in Munie are always updated on what is going on at the University and around.

International Student Club
As the name itself suggests, ISC is an international club. It brings together international students and helps them to integrate into their studies, and also to get to know about everything that accompanies student life in Brno. A wide range of activities organised by the club is aimed not only at 'Erasmus' students, but at everyone who wants to have fun and to get to know students from all around the world.

"This club gives me the chance to practise my English skills without attending a language school and I have found international friends through participating at various events and the most important thing is I still have a great lot of fun," says Patricie Cudzišová, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

Radio R
Yes, Masaryk University even has its own radio! Music lovers - even demanding ones - will find something to suit them – they can choose from numerous music sessions – from underground through jazz and rap to African ethno or techno.

Radio R has a fully equipped studio at Faculty of Social Studies.

And that is not all. Besides music, students broadcast news, debate sessions with guests, and specialized sessions on scholarly topics. Radio R teaches them what it's like to be on air, how to work with and operate radio equipment, how to articulate or lead a discussion with an interesting person correctly – and mainly, they find a lot of friends as it is well-known that radio lovers are very sociable.

Debate club at MU
Critical thinking, persuasive argumentation, quick reactions or public presentations of your views... who wouldn't appreciate these skills nowadays? Students come to regular debates to refine their thinking and rhetoric, or they attend simply as the audience.

The debates follow the British parliamentary format inspired by the rules of the House of Commons. Members of the club also attend competitions and tournaments such as the Championship in Academic debates of the Czech and the Slovak Republic. Debates are held not only in Czech, but also English, and debaters get to know their topics only a while before the debate actually begins. Readiness is expected!

The Mission of hope
A young charity which aims to help those who cannot ask for help themselves. There are several ways in which to participate. For example, there is a group of students with their hearts in the right place who visit children in foster homes and hospitals, and create tools for autistic children. Many other projects focussed on people are in also progress.

For example, students plan to record the lives of Brno local people in the form of photography and short interviews. "The main idea of the project is to get closer, so that we stop perceiving people around us as just a crowd, but as individuals with their often moving stories," explains Markéta Tesařová, a student from the Faculty of Medicine and the author of the whole idea.

Symphonic Orchestra of MU
The repertoire of the orchestra covers pieces from baroque to the present. The philosophy of the whole group is to study less popular pieces and songs which are scarcely played. The orchestra musicians gain experience from the orchestral performance itself, as well as from the opportunity to accompany scenic performances.

"I always look forward to our regular rehearsals. They help me relax during demanding semesters and give me energy. It's a great group of people, and we always improve our relationships when we meet before a concert, or after rehearsals when we go out together," said Sabina Sinkovská, a member of the orchestra.

Students from all around the world who study medicine at MU are associated to Mimsa. Masaryk International Medical Students Association bridges other local international associations and in this way helps international medical students adapt to a new country and its environment. Thanks to Mimsa, international students stay aware of what the requirements for individual courses are, how demanding a certain lecturer is, and can get assistance during the exam period. On top of all that, Mimsa creates a community of students who spend time together at cultural, sport, recreational and other events.