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It's your time now. Welcome, students!

Welcome address for all new students at Masaryk University.

"Silence, please! Sit down! The break is over. Students, who's absent today?"- Aren't you fed up with these situations already? Believe me, then, (a) that you will never experience them again and (b) that you may think of them with loving memories in the future.

It's my pleasant duty to welcome you to the place where the future elite is being born. Before you become the new House M.D. or Sheldon Cooper, however, you will often have to sail through the wild waters of your studies. Since you must have heard a lot of myths and legends about them, I will try to balance it by bringing in some everyday reality.

If you're looking forward to the fact that, finally, noone will wake you up for school, you're absolutely right. What is more, you won't even have to fabricate excuses! In most of the cases, no-one even asks for them. In brief, don't look for strict regulations at university (except for the study regulations). The one who brings discipline into your studies is you. In co-operation with the Information System, of course (IS –if you don't know it, look forward to getting to know it, because it is looking forward to meeting you, too).

The fact that you organise your studies yourselves leaves you with plenty of free time. Again, it's up to you what you do with it. Brno offers so many great places and establishments which are worth visiting that you should start straight away, if you don't want to miss any! There is also an indefinite number of student clubs at Masaryk University, where you can find the right company for evening relaxation.

It may also happen that you have much studying and little fun (which is unlikely in the first year), or much fun and little studying (now it gets interesting!). Anyways, there are university consultants for both of these cases! You may visit student consultants, who aid you with finding a balance for your studies, if lost, or you may come to career consultants who know every part-time job and open position available in case your pockets get empty. The only thing to do is turn to the right people!

However the future studies of yours turn out, I hope you enjoyed your last days at high school. No other days like that will come again. From now on, it's only your turn. Wake up! And bravely step ahead!

The author is a student of the Faculty of Arts.