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Orientation week helps students to get to know the university and Brno better

Thanks to advice given by local students, newcomers can get quickly with their study responsibilities.

The Centre for International Cooperation together with the International Student Club and the departmental International Offices at individual faculties organize the so-called orientation week for international students coming to Brno to study at Masaryk University. Thanks to advice given by local students, newcomers can get quickly and easily acquainted not only with their study responsibilities, but also with Brno itself. The orientation week for this year's autumn semester takes place from September 7th to the 14th.

Masaryk University organizes the orientation week for all students coming from abroad, whether they come for an exchange, or to study for a full degree. All faculties prepare the orientation week in mutual co-operation with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine, which takes the responsibility of organizing its own orientation week.

"The most important part of the whole orientation is Monday's programme – presentations for individual groups of students – and then also the practical part where all students deal with getting their transport passes, registering for membership in the International Student Club, or opening a bank account. The tour of Brno and training for the Information System are also well worth mentioning," underlies Martin Vašek from the Centre for International Cooperation.

The week is divided into two segments – the basic package and the fun package – which vary in price. The basic package of the orientation week costs 500 CZK (app. €19) and includes mainly the above mentioned activities aimed at studies at Masaryk University and working with the Information System. The programme also includes a crash course of Czech, which helps students embrace the basics of the language and its possible application into practice during the first week when meeting local fellow-students. The fun package costing 300 CZK (app. €12), covers things such as an international dinner, the welcome party, and some more 'get-acquainted' activities. However, the number of students for this package is limited, so first come first served. But we are pretty sure that you will have already heard about it from your coordinator.

The orientation week is something that none of the new students should miss. "It's very important not only because of their studies, but also because of the social side. I strongly recommend it to everyone. It's useful for exchange students, and probably even more useful for those who come to study for a full degree," stressed Jolana Navrátilová from the International Office of the Faculty of Social Studies.