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Come on out to an Open-Air Movie Theater. Newly also in Scala

Summer cinemas may be visited in the Governor´s Palace, at Brno City Theater or at Špilberk castle.

This year, the summer movie scene in Brno will be, as usual, starring open-air movie theaters. The big news of this season is the Summer Cinema organized by the University Cinema Scala in the courtyard of the Governor´s Palace.

Every week, there will be two screenings - in July starting at 21:30 and in August and September starting at 21:00. The entrance fee is 90 Kč. The season will open on July 2 by Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. During the following week you can come watch blockbusters such as Drive, Rush or Burn After Reading.

The program also includes the popular Blind Date with Scala (on Tuesday, August 4), during which viewers will let the cinema surprise them by just any movie and afterwards leave a contribution they find appropriate for the experience.

Other open-air screenings
There will be more open-air screenings in the city center. Already for the fifth time, the Brno City Theater is screening movies in the courtyard. Movies start every day at 21:30, the entrance fee is 95 Kč. This cinema will present successful movies like Prisoners, John Wick or The Wolf of Wall Street.

You can also combine a nice walk with watching a movie on the terrace of the Špilberk castle. Here you can choose from two movies a week (in July at 21:30 and in August and September at 21:00). The entrance fee is 80 Kč. Some of the options will be The Prestige, Sherlock Holmes or The Last Boy Scout.

If you happen to be at the Brno dam, you can stop by at the newly opened club Ahoy. There will be screenings on Cult Mondays and Comedy Tuesdays, beginning at 21:30, so you can combine a walk by the lake with a movie night, all that free of charge.